Our Methods

What does "Fine Jewelry Touch" mean?

The term "Fine Jewelry" may call to mind the richness of gold and emeralds, juicy and lustrous rubies and sapphires, or the icy glitter of pavé diamonds. These precious materials often go hand-in-hand with master craftsmanship. However, you may be surprised to learn that many goldsmiths in today's jewelry market employ their refined skills in the making of beautiful "demi-fine" and art jewelry using silver and semi-precious gems. We are here for it! 

Our hand-crafted jewelry is designed for every-day wear, and meticulously designed, constructed, and inspected with longevity in mind. To this end, we craft our unique pieces using only solid Sterling Silver, and Gold of 14 Karats or higher. 

Our goal is to apply Master Skills to the crafting of a relaxed-fit jewelry line that showcases beautiful natural gems as unique as you. 

Thoughtful design:

Many things are considered in the design process: How will the final piece lay on the body and move with the wearer? Are clasps easy to open and close? How will the piece wear over time? 

In the tradition of fine jewelry, we pride ourselves on a design and production process that keeps you, the end-user, in mind.


Are stones symmetrical in their settings? Is sizing consistent? Is the underside of your piece just as clean, polished, and beautiful as the front/top? 

All of these things (and more) are hallmarks of old-world craftsmanship. We honor the jewelers before us by creating pieces intended to last a lifetime. 

For the Love of Gems:

We work with a local lapidary to produce some of our unique cuts, for which all slabs are hand-selected by the artist. All of the semi precious gems we choose for our jewelry must be optically beautiful, uncommon, and durable in order to meet our design and production standards.