Meet Jennifer

 Jennifer Hillyer Jewelry artist portrait responsibly sourced unique gold and gemstone jewelry


2020 was an eye-opening year (to say the least.) If you’re like me, the chaos has helped you distill down what’s really important.

I’m Jennifer Hillyer, the designer and goldsmith at the helm of my namesake brand, and I am no stranger to soul-searching. In March of 2020, in the midst of all the chaos, I decided to “make lemonade” and start my business with my true values at the heart’s center of it.

Those core values are my passion for growth, respect and awe for the beauty of nature, and the desire to leave a legacy both you and I can be proud of - by responsibly and ethically sourcing the finest materials with which I hand-craft each piece.

I am inspired by ancient jewelry – by the sense of abundance in gems and gold, and by the legacy of craftsmanship of which I am an heir as a goldsmith. I use techniques both ancient and modern, like wax carving and 3D rendering and design. I love the idea that jewelry is small enough to hold in your hand, yet it can travel through time and carry with it stories of people and places. I use jewelry in a way to connect myself and others to that spark at the core of invention, but also to honor the beauty and gifts of the natural world. I think of myself as a custodian between the materials and the meaning. 

My obsession with jewelry-making began when I moved 350+ miles from home, during the economic recession of 2008. I was lost. For years I slowly fed my passion and eventually went from stringing beads in Portland, Maine to cutting my teeth as a goldsmith in the Master Workshop of David Yurman in NYC. Now, I use that experience and passion to craft one-of-a-kind and custom pieces for keen, curious womxn, whose values are responsible growth and beauty. All of the jewelry you see here has been crafted by me in my home studio, just outside of NYC.

As a jeweler, I help my clients express their spark, mark meaningful moments in their lives, or even connect with the past, or with a person or place they love. And, in turn, by choosing to adorn yourself in ethical and responsible gold and gems, you help me to contribute to real change in the jewelry industry.

My hope is that my jewelry finds you on the precipice of your transformation, and that together we can mark your passion, your hopes for the future, and the legacy you wish to leave behind.




Is there a gemstone or a piece of jewelry you've been dreaming of? Click here to learn how custom works are made, or reach out to me directly by emailing I look forward to meeting you!
Jennifer Hillyer Jewelry Herkimer Diamond mining, a handful of gems