Meet Jennifer

 Jennifer Hillyer Jewelry Founder Portrait


Are you ready for a change? 2020 was an eye-opening year (to say the least.) If you’re like me, maybe the chaos has helped you distill down what’s really important to you.

I’m Jennifer Hillyer, the designer and goldsmith at the helm of my namesake brand, and I am no stranger to soul-searching. In March of 2020 I decided to “make lemonade” and start my business with my true values at the heart’s center of it.

Those core values are my passion for growth, respect and awe for the beauty of nature, and the desire to leave a legacy both you and I can be proud of - by responsibly and ethically sourcing the finest materials with which I hand-craft each piece.

I am inspired mostly by ancient jewelry – by the sense of abundance in gems and gold, by art infused with spirituality, and by the slow and meticulous craftsmanship of which I am an heir in the legacy of metalworking. By combining ancient metalworking technique with up-to-date innovation and tech, in the true spirit of renaissance, I am able to connect both you and myself to the spark at the core of human invention.

My incessant passion for jewelry began not in art school while earning my degree in Photography, but afterwards – when I moved 350+ miles from home, out into the economic recession of 2008 with zero prospects. I was very lost. Forging something permanent and beautiful with my hands became a lifeline for me in growing my sense of purpose. I fed my passion like my life depended on it and went from stringing feathers and beads to eventually working and learning in the Master Workshop of David Yurman as one of their very first female jewelers. Now, I am designing my own line and crafting one-of-a-kind and custom pieces for keen, curious womxn, whose values align with my own and support responsible growth and beauty.

For a long time I wasn’t certain that jewelry was important, or that it could help me make a meaningful impact, OR that I could even “be successful” at it. Everyday I find out how wrong I was. Jewelry is important because it connects us to each other and to ourselves. As a jeweler, I help my clients express their spark, or mark meaningful moments in their lives. But, in turn, you help me to make an impact bigger than just my own footprint.

My hope is that my jewelry finds you on the precipice of your transformation, and that together we can mark your passion, your hopes for the future, and the legacy you wish to leave behind.



Jennifer Hillyer Jewelry Herkimer Diamond mining, a handful of gems