Meet Jennifer


As a kid I dreamt of living in the woods. I rubbed rocks together and mixed makeup to paint my face. I built lean-tos and begged my parents to let me sleep outside. The daughter of two very practical people: a doctor and an accountant, I was not permitted to sleep in the backyard, but I eventually found my path and my voice by creating.

My first exposure to art was when my maternal grandmother taught me to oil paint at a young age. After this I quickly started drawing the insides of imaginary houses I'd live in - designing each room to my 10-year old heart's desire. Art became a way to construct the world around me. And when I found jewelry-making, I found a way to build my world (my identity) from the inside-out.

When my paternal grandmother passed, I inherited some of her jewelry, much of it custom-made during her time in Dubai & Bolivia. I recall the last conversation we had; she told me about riding a helicopter to the off-shore oil rig where my grandpa was working as a medic. I was suddenly in awe of her.


When I wear her jewelry, I feel a pride about her, and simultaneously a sadness about all the conversations we didn't get to have. But it was then that I realized the power of jewelry and its ability to transport & connect us, to make us feel loved and protected.

My hope is to share my awe and wonder for nature with my clients, by sourcing one-of-a-kind gems responsibly and setting them in recycled metals. I work often in Opal, which has an unexplainable magic and to which many people have a sentimental connection. I want to help you tell your story, and to hopefully help you forge connections to the people and places you love. 




Ethical and Responsible practices are at the heart of my making. Read more here.