Jewelry Spa Care

Do you have a piece of jewelry that you love and wear so much, it's practically a part of you? A piece that you reach for everyday that seems to just "go with everything?" These most-loved pieces are more exposed to the hazards of everyday-wear: small dings and scratches in the metal that can give the appearance of a dull or unpolished surface, and buildup of lotion, dirt, even skin cells (yep!), around stone settings that can cloud the natural beauty of your beloved ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings. Want to hit the restart button on something you wear and love? Then our Jewelry Spa Care is for you! 

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Jewelry Spa Care includes ultrasonic cleaning, light buffing, and a steam bath for your JHJ jewelry that will remove dirt or grime, and restore a mirror polish to your piece.

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What is Ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning works by ultrasound! Your piece is dipped in a mild solvent and subjected to an ultrasonic bath at 50 kHz. This breaks the surface tension around your piece and literally shakes the dirt out of every little crevice.

Light Buffing:

We then buff out any small surface scratches using a soft buff and a mild polishing compound, gently working over the surface of your entire piece. The compound is effective enough to remove scratches you may not be able to remove with a polishing cloth.

Steam Bath:

This is the final step in cleaning; pressurized steam removes any oils or polishing compound that may be left on your piece. After this, we carefully wrap and pack your jewelry and ship it back to you!

How do I get my piece to you?

Simply add Jewelry Spa Care to your cart and checkout! We will send a box with a pre-paid shipping label and instructions on how to wrap your piece. Pop it in the mail and leave the rest to us! You will receive your refurbished piece back within 14 days. 

Jewelry Spa Care does not cover substantial repairs such as: deep scratches, bent or damaged metal, chemical damage, or cracked or abraded stones. Please note, this process is not appropriate for jewelry containing soft or porous stones such as opals, pearls, or turquoise, or jewelry which has been plated. However, we are experienced in jewelry repair and would love to help point you in the right direction. Email for your free Repair Consultation. Jewelry Spa care is offered as a refurbishing service for pieces designed and produced by Jennifer Hillyer Jewelry. If you have questions as to whether this service is appropriate for your piece, or would like a quote for a more complicated repair or refurbish, please reach out to or submit your question or request below! Please allow 24 hours response time.



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