How do you price custom works?

Each piece varies depending on the materials selected, and the level of skill required to model the design, set any stones, and finish the piece. In general, one-of-a-kind and custom works are a higher value than mass produced jewelry because design labor and any trouble-shooting costs are concentrated in the one piece. That being said, most pieces range between $1500 - $4000, up to $10,000+. Email to start a conversation today!

How long does custom work usually take?

Something simple like adding a unique stone to an existing piece in my line can take 1 - 3 weeks. More involved custom pieces, like an engagement ring, can take anywhere from 8 - 12 weeks depending on the complexity of the design. We always try our best to accommodate your deadlines, however, delivery dates cannot be guaranteed. An estimated date of delivery is provided after the design stage is complete.

Can you re-set my heirloom stones?

The short answer is: it depends. Heirloom stones must be inspected before use in a new design, to ensure that they are suitable for re-setting. We are always open to discussion if you have stones you'd love to incorporate. We prefer to source a beautiful new stone for you as we cannot accept liability for damaged heirloom stones.

Can you melt down my existing jewelry to make new pieces?

We are happy to apply a credit for your recycled materials to the new piece, or to find creative ways to incorporate heirloom materials. We however are not able to melt your metal and use it directly in a new piece. Check out our custom gallery for a few examples of how we go about bringing new life to your heirlooms.

Can you repair my jewelry?

If it's a piece of Jennifer Hillyer Jewelry, we can gladly clean and refurbish your piece, no matter when it was purchased. This includes deep cleaning to remove dirt and grime, and buffing and polishing to restore your jewelry's original shine for a small fee. Major repairs such as stone resetting, prong-retipping, chain or clasp repair, deep scratches or dings will need to be assessed in person in order to provide a quote. We are currently not accepting repairs for heirloom jewelry or jewelry made by another artisan. Please email and we will discuss how to proceed.

How long have you been doing this?

So glad you asked. ;) I've been in the fine jewelry industry for about 10 years, although my namesake brand is still in its toddler stage! Read more about my background here.



Our Commitment

Ethically sourced metals.

This means using recycled metals whenever possible, and using no newly mined metal that has not come from a fair-mined source. We support artisanal mining that is clean, ethical in its labor practices, and kind to the environment. We are proud to say we use only SCS certified recycled and fairmined metals in our designs.

Ethically sourced gemstones.

The market for traceable, ethical gems is relatively new. Gemstones can trade hands many times before they reach the jeweler, making tracing sometimes difficult. We however, recognize the profound importance of responsible sourcing, especially as our business continues to grow. We do our best to do no harm, by working with gem dealers who are close in the supply chain to the source mine and who are enthusiastically transparent about their practices. We are critical of "too good to be true" prices, and avoid stones that come from regions that are known to have questionable or dangerous mining practices.

Although we go to lengths to ensure our gems are legally and ethically imported, not all are traceable to their source mine. If you would like us to source a mine-traced, recycled, or lab-grown gemstone for a custom piece, please reach out to

Post-consumer recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging.

Our packaging materials are currently all recycled, recyclable, and/or biodegradable, including the plastic baggies, paper tape, box fill, envelopes, business cards, and stickers that we use on and in our boxes when shipping to you. The only exception is our luxe jewelry box, which is intended to be used and re-used for the storage of your jewelry over a lifetime. If you prefer to opt-out of receiving this box with your purchase, please make note at time of checkout.

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