Meet Jennifer

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About Me

As a kid I dreamt of living in the woods. I rubbed rocks together and mixed my own “makeup.” I begged my parents to let me sleep outside. As the daughter of two very practical and cautious parents - a doctor and an accountant, I was not permitted to sleep outside (womp womp) but I did find my autonomy, my voice and passion through creating.

Creating jewelry is an act of discovery & invention for me – from finding the gems, to materializing a design from the aether, I feel as though I’m uncovering both some ancient knowledge, and a part of myself I didn’t know was there. I like to say that JHJ is jewelry that exists where engineering meets your inner child.

I “came up” in the jewelry world at the Master Workshop of David Yurman – which is equally rich in technology and talent. There I trained under some of the most skilled master jewelers, wax carvers, and stone setters. And I got to do it in arguably the heart of the country’s jewelry industry – the NYC diamond district. The experience lit a fire in me and I decided to forge my own path.

Now I create jewelry for practical dreamers like myself- I work in classic silhouettes with the idea that these pieces will live on well past our lifetime, like the gems themselves. I am drawn to stones that have a unique character, and I love when a gem calls to someone in particular. I especially love creating custom jewelry that marks significant personal milestones for my clients – a big promotion, a birth, a marriage, (a divorce!) and is with you as you march forward through the sweetness of life’s changes.

My hope is that my jewelry brings out your spark, and helps to tell the story of you.



Solid Gold

Solid Precious Metal: One of the amazing qualities of gold is that it is infinitely recyclable. It is also waterproof, tarnish-proof, and durable enough to last a lifetime. We want your jewelry to last a lifetime or two or five. For this reason, we will never sell you gold-plated, vermeil, or any material that is less than heirloom quality.

Ethically sourced gemstones: We do our best to do no harm, by working with gem dealers who are close in the supply chain to the source mine and who are enthusiastically transparent about their practices. We are critical of "too good to be true" prices, and avoid stones that come from regions that are known to have questionable or dangerous mining practices.
Australian Opal is one of our favorites because it is easily ethically sourced, and is often traceable to its source mine.

Certified Recycled Materials: All of the raw gold, silver, and platinum used in our designs is SCS Certified Recycled. That means that our suppliers are third-party monitored for responsible practices, and must complete routine audits to maintain their certification. Read more about our Ethos below.
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