At Jennifer Hillyer Jewelry, we believe that every purchase you make is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. We are committed to consciously and sustainably sourcing our raw materials in order to minimize environmental impact and social harm. 

Our Goals:

100% post-consumer recycled silver and gold. The extraction and refining processes for precious-metals have an environmental and social impact that we would be remiss to ignore. We currently use about 50% recycled raw metals. By partnering with refiners who are fair-trade and fair-mined certified, and who are suppliers of 100% recycled silver and gold, we plan a 100% turnover in our stock by the end of 2020.

100% traceability for gemstones and ethical sourcing. The market for ethically sourced gems is relatively new in the jewelry industry. Gemstone rough can trade hands many times before it reaches the jeweler, making tracing sometimes difficult, and limiting the types of stones we are able to use in our designs. We however, recognize the profound importance of responsible sourcing, especially as our business continues to grow. We do our best to work with dealers who are close in the supply chain to the source mine and who are transparent about their practices. We are critical of "too good to be true" prices, and avoid stones that come from regions that are known to have questionable or dangerous mining practices. If you would like us to source a mine-traced, recycled, or lab-grown gemstone for a custom piece, please reach out to

100% post-consumer recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging. Our packaging materials are currently all recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, including the plastic baggies, tape, tissue paper, business cards, and stickers that we use on and in our boxes when shipping to you. All materials are printed with non-toxic soy, or algae-based pigments. The only exceptions are our jewelry pouch, and the Sunshine® brand polishing cloth enclosed with your jewelry. If you prefer to opt-out of receiving these with your purchase, please make note at time of checkout.


We are committed to responsible practices. If you have any recommendations for how we can improve, please reach out to We value your feedback!