Nesting Candy Cocktail Gemstone Ring 18k gold
Crafted in 18k, this one-of-a-kind tourmaline ring has tons to offer in terms of both style and versatility - it's a nesting set. The center cuff band slides out for 3 different looks, all of them enchanting. Tourmaline is an...
Bi-color Tourmaline Drip Pendant 18k gold
Feel like you're literally dripping in gems and gold with this singular gemstone pendant in buttery 18k yellow gold. Featuring a sugarloaf cut bi-color tourmaline, with a gentle fade from pink to blue. Finished with our signature dewdrop, studded with...
Candy mismatched linear earrings 18k gold
Deliciously airy, fun, and luxuriant linear tourmaline earrings. Artisanally sourced gemstones set in buttery 18k gold, dangling from diamond-studded dewdrops on french eariwires. These ear candies are truly one-of-a-kind and perfect for your next gala, wedding, or date night. Tourmaline is...
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