Brilliant Solar Mega Pendant
A one-off with a unique Crystal Opal. Ribbons of milky potch lend a graphic effect to this Lightning Ridge Beauty. 3 Brilliant reclaimed diamonds add a touch of magic. The Solar cross - a guiding symbol. Like a compass it...
One-of-a-kind White Opal Dewdrop Pendant
A classic White Opal from Coober Pedy, Australia - this is a gem equal in beauty and subtlety. A galaxy of pinks, blues, and greens invites you in for a closer look. Accented by a pink-sapphire studded, solid gold dewdrop....
Crystal Opal Stack Set
What's better than one crown? Two! This unique Lightning Ridge crystal opal has flashes of orange in the right light (you won't be able to stop staring). The second ring features another smaller opal from the same locale.   One...
One-of-a-Kind Rainbow Boulder Opal Pendant
A rainbow boulder Opal of unmatched beauty. Pink and red are the rarest of colors in Opal, and this full-spectrum display is even rarer.We call this one "The Bean."The back of the setting is domed, following the organic shape of...
Akoya Blue Charm
This Akoya pearl is an icy blue with violet overtones, subtly gorgeous with a fine lustre. The pearl hangs singularly on our signature swivel bail, which invites you to move the pearl between your fingers. We call this style the perfume...
One-of-a-Kind Duet Earrings with Mint Tourmaline, Jasper, and Diamond
A Duet of greens, Mint Tourmaline, asymmetrically basket set to allow light to shine through, paired with sage green Imperial Jasper. This asymmetrical pair finds balance - I have accented the french-style earwires with dewdrops, one of which is set...
Galaxy Opal Nana Ring
Blues and pinks painted across a sparkly matrix boulder opal - Called the Nana ring for its un-shy volume of gold and subtle southwestern silhouette - picture your Nana's gold-laden fingers. Not sure of your ring size? Add one of...
Watermelon Tourmaline Drip Pendant
A mesmerizing gem - special for even Watermelon Tourmaline. 5.25 carats of fancy-cut juiciness. Set with an open back for optimal brightness, and accented by a pink-sapphire studded, solid gold dewdrop. 0.05tcw of sapphire. Strung on a thin but sturdy 15.5"...
Green Fire Signet Ring
Opposites attract in this green and red flash boulder opal, accented by coordinated red and green garnet. You're welcome. Not sure of your ring size? Add one of our sizers to your cart and check- out. Easy peasy.   One of a...
Blue Flash Signet Ring
Drool-worthy teal and blue flash black Opal in a perfect little package, accented by two brilliant, reclaimed diamonds.  Not sure of your ring size? Add one of our sizers to your cart and check- out. Easy peasy. Email to request more...
One-of-a-Kind Dendrite Agate Pendant
Agate is a stone that has been used in jewelry since antiquity. This dendrite agate has been painted by nature, the stone has been cut to frame a natural Cameo, with light swaths of pink and orange. Set on our signature...
One-of-a-Kind Rock Crystal Pendant
Like a thick droplet of water, this rock crystal captures both light, and the imagination. Small cubes of golden pyrite are suspended in the crystal, making this piece a natural and alluring focal point. This pendant comes strung on a...
One-of-a-Kind Rutile Rock Crystal Pendant with Paperclip Chain
Pendant and Chain, sold as a set, are a rock crystal & mixed metal dream. This angel-hair golden rutile quartz is cut with a high dome and lens-set, for maximum light play through the stone. The golden hairs reflect sunlight and...
One-of-a-Kind Duet Earrings, with Watermelon Tourmaline and Jasper
One-of-a-kind. Dramatic Duet of Pinks with asymmetrical watermelon tourmaline and light spears of Nevada Sage Jasper. We love the subtle drama of these and jasper makes these earrings light enough to wear all day. Named Duet for their complementary asymmetry,...
Bea 3 times 3 Infinity band
More sizes available
Bea 3 times 3 Infinity band
The number 3 is considered a divine number by many cultures, and the name Bea means "she who brings happiness." A seamless and sunny circle of one-of-a-kind tourmalines, hand-selected and arranged in unique combinations. Choose your adventure below Each combination is...
One-of-a-kind Asymmetrical Opal Link Drops
Perfectly balanced asymmetry, whimsical and classic, these dreamy Opal Link Earrings are one-of-a-kind.  Earrings are approximately 30mm in length. Welo Crystal Opal Sterling Silver
One-of-a-Kind Ethiopian Opal Drop Earrings
Dreamy watery opals in our timeless Link Earring style. Strike a balance between business and pleasure. Opals are cut free-form to capture their optimal color-play, so this pair and all opals in our shop are one-of-a-kind. Earrings are approximately 33 and...
South Sea Golden Pendant
Is there anything more opulent than gold on gold? Show off your understated good taste with this sunny lustrous pearl, hailing from the South Sea. The soft golden color compliments any complexion and the rarity of this type pearl makes...
Keshi Mini Perfume Bottle Charm
This mini packs a punch. "Keshi," the Japanese word for "poppy" is a rare type of pearl composed entirely of nacre. This delicate pearl is strung on a buttery gold chain, on our signature rotating bail. We think it looks...
One-of-a-Kind Montana Agate Links Pendant
Our signature Links Pendant featuring a beautiful and watery Montana Agate. A closed-back setting reflects the light outward through this luminous stone - a sure conversation starter! This piece is one-of-a-kind. Agate is a material that has been used since...
$265 $185
Tanzanite Link Drops
These blue-violet beauties are deep, classic and royal in our Lucid Links style. Tanzanite is December's birthstone and at least 1000x rarer than a diamond. This blue-violet variety of Zoisite comes from only one 5-mile area in the world, the...
Byzantine Taper Earrings
You'll feel purely Byzantine in these lush taper earrings. Each link is hand-turned and engineered to cascade in a perfectly proportioned taper, capped with radiant Lavender Chalcedony drops, rose-cut and gemmy. Chalcedony is a gem that has been used in...
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