Black Opal Dewdrop Pendant
A galaxy of blues and violets in this unique black opal from Lightning Ridge, Australia. Bezel set with a closed back for maximum protection, and accented by a dewdrop featuring two neon Paraiba tourmaline. Charms purchased without a chain will come strung...
Tanzanite Dewdrop Stud
Linear Tanzanite stud with solid gold dewdrop and reclaimed diamond. Tanzanite is December's birthstone and at least 1000x rarer than a diamond. This blue-violet variety of Zoisite comes from only one 5-mile area in the world, the Merelani Hills of...
Deco Dewdrop Linear Earrings
A structural linear earring finished in drops of gold, studded with airy violet Tanzanite. Earrings are approximately 30mm in length.   Sold as a pair 0.18tcw Tanzanite Sterling Silver 14K Yellow Gold
Diamond Dewdrop Pendant
A charm for your stack, or a minimal pendant, the dewdrop is studded with two brilliant reclaimed diamonds, and is the most perfect drop of solid gold to adorn your neck.  This charm is approximately 14mm in length and is...
Mini Dewdrop Single Earring
A petite stud with movement. A polished dewdrop that just grazes the lobe. Romantic and delicate in blue sapphire or baby-pink ruby (aka pink sapphire!) Add drama to your stack by pairing this with our Cassia Earring or Comma Hoops.  ...
Crystal Opal Dewdrop Studs
Your new favorite understated statement earrings. Glowing crystal Australian Opal and a buttery solid gold dewdrop. This earring is approximately 15mm in length and each opal is 0.67ct.    Sold individually or as a pair Crystal Opal was ethically mined in Lightning...
One-of-a-kind White Opal Dewdrop Pendant
A classic White Opal from Coober Pedy, Australia - this is a gem equal in beauty and subtlety. A galaxy of pinks, blues, and greens invites you in for a closer look. Accented by a pink-sapphire studded, solid gold dewdrop....
Medi Dewdrop Hoop Charm
Our sapphire-studded Medi Dewdrop, made to fit just right on our Droplet Hoops. This delicious drop of gold will elevate any 4mm hoop. Add drama by pairing with our Cassia Earring.   0.04tcw Sapphire 14K Yellow Gold
Watermelon Tourmaline Drip Pendant
A mesmerizing gem - special for even Watermelon Tourmaline. 5.25 carats of fancy-cut juiciness. Set with an open back for optimal brightness, and accented by a pink-sapphire studded, solid gold dewdrop. 0.05tcw of sapphire. Strung on a thin but sturdy 15.5"...
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