Brilliant Solar Mega Pendant
A one-off with a unique Crystal Opal. Ribbons of milky potch lend a graphic effect to this Lightning Ridge Beauty. 3 Brilliant reclaimed diamonds add a touch of magic. The Solar cross - a guiding symbol. Like a compass it...
Deco Link Chain
We subverted the paperclip style with a bit of extra love and detail. The closure is a 10mm removable charm connector. Add a pendant or switch out the clasp - choose your own adventure. The style is perfectly light and...
Brilliant Solar Mini Pendant
The Solar cross - a guiding symbol. Like a compass it represents the four cardinal directions. An apt charm for trekkers and intellectual explorers alike. "Wherever you go, there you are." Australian crystal opal, and 3 brilliant diamonds add just...
Diamond Dewdrop Pendant
A charm for your stack, or a minimal pendant, the dewdrop is studded with two brilliant reclaimed diamonds, and is the most perfect drop of solid gold to adorn your neck.  This charm is approximately 14mm in length and is...
One-of-a-Kind Rainbow Boulder Opal Pendant
A rainbow boulder Opal of unmatched beauty. Pink and red are the rarest of colors in Opal, and this full-spectrum display is even rarer.We call this one "The Bean."The back of the setting is domed, following the organic shape of...
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