Violet Crystal Opal Ring 18K - Size 7.5
This unusual Violet Crystal Opal is set in buttery 18K, and stands out with a brushed finish. Make this the ring you never take off. Size 7.5 Crystal Opal weight: 0.75ct Origin: Australia
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Candy Mismatched Tourmaline Stud Earrings 18k
This petite set of stud earrings is charmingly mis-matched. Set with pastel tourmaline and small diamonds.  Tourmaline is an alternative birthstone for October and comes in practically every color of the rainbow. Perfect for the color-obsessed Libran.  One of a...
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Opal and Pink Sapphire Dewdrop Pendant
A classic White Opal from Coober Pedy, Australia - this is a gem equal in beauty and subtlety. A galaxy of pinks, blues, and greens invites you in for a closer look. Accented by a pink-sapphire studded, solid gold dewdrop....
$1,780 $1,246
Brilliant Solar Mega Opal Pendant
A one-off with a unique Crystal Opal. Ribbons of milky potch lend a graphic effect to this Lightning Ridge Beauty. 3 Brilliant reclaimed diamonds add a touch of magic. The Solar cross - a guiding symbol. Like a compass it...
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Black Opal Dewdrop Pendant
$2,000 from $1,200
Black Opal Dewdrop Pendant
A galaxy of blues and violets in this unique black opal from Lightning Ridge, Australia. Bezel set with a closed back for maximum protection, and accented by a dewdrop featuring two neon Paraiba tourmaline. Charms purchased without a chain will come strung...
$2,000 from $1,200
Bi-color Tourmaline Drip Pendant 18k
Feel like you're literally dripping in gems and gold with this singular gemstone pendant in buttery 18k yellow gold. Featuring a sugarloaf cut bi-color tourmaline, with a gentle fade from pink to blue. Finished with our signature dewdrop, studded with...

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